Monday, July 1, 2013

mama confessions.

let's get real here.

motherhood is kay-OT-ic. lol that's chaotic if you couldn't read that well. there's so much info out there, but none of it seems to apply all the time. if i've learned one thing, it's that parenting kids is very personal, always changing, and never looks the same with different families...NOR is it the same within the same family! i have to parent both of my kids differently {same objectives though} simply because they respond to things differently.

so...with all of that...there are some confessions that i have as a mom. i think my kids are going to either find this hilarious or atrocious one day. and maybe...just maybe...other mom's have the same or similar confessions of their own. Holly from Our Holly Days started with her confessions and i'm following suit.

here's mine.

  •  i frequently run into and lock myself in the pantry just to eat a package of their fruit snacks when they're not looking. 
  •  i get them to take a nap by bribing them with something they want afterwards. it could be going on a walk, playing with their favorite toy or going to get ice cream later. i tell them they have to take a nap first and then we'll go. works every time. and they usually forget about it after naptime anyway. i don't remind them.
  •  if i know their dad is coming home soon {within 15 minutes}, i'll leave them in a poop diaper so he "discovers it" when he picks them up.
  • when i want to watch something other than kid shows, i put on American Dad. they don't mind because it's animated so they think it's a cartoon. 

hehe. alright....so don't just leave me hanging here. what are your mama confessions? 

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