Wednesday, June 26, 2013

LET'S EAT: Sante Fe Chicken

pinterest has done it again! while scouring pinterest, {which has become my latest favorite activity to do when i'm bored lol}, i came across this recipe. john stopped my scrolling and gave his approval {a stomach fueled "mmmmmm"} so i had to pin it. and after thawing out a few chicken breasts for tonight's dinner, i knew what i had to make for dinner. 

boneless, skinless chicken breasts | canned corn | rotel | black beans | chicken stock | cilantro | avocado | taco seasoning packet | cumin | chili powder | garlic powder | olive oil

how it goes:
++ trim and clean chicken breasts. mine had fat on it so i trimmed it off. we don't like chicken fat here. 
++ season with taco seasoning packet. i find it's easier to buy these for .48 cents than trying to keep all of the ingredients in my seasoning cabinet. and they're so versatile.
++ drizzle olive oil in a pan, heat to medium high 
++ place chicken breasts {raw} in pan and cook thoroughly

++ when the chicken breasts were almost done cooking, i put a little chicken stock in the pan and covered them to help them finish without losing juiciness and flavor.

++ while the chicken was cooking, i started making jasmine rice.
i made just one cup of it. that usually lasts a long time at this house.
super simple: 1 cup of raw rice to 2 cups of water. a little sea salt. 
let the water boil and add the rice. 
cover. and turn heat to simmer.
don't touch until it's down. 
easy as pie.

++ so my chicken was still just a little pink on the inside, so i kept it covered by added the black beans, rotel and corn on top of the lid so they could warm up a bit. my lid didn't cover the entire pan so this worked well.

++ chop up an avocado. and drizzle with lime juice to preserve the color and get some flavor.
maybe you can peel and cut one without mushing it like i did. lol

++remove the lid.

++ once chicken is fully cooked {no pink}, remove it and start shredding.

++ mix the corn, tomato and bean mixture.
++ add more chicken stock.

++ re-add chicken shreds.
++ add some cumin, garlic powder and chili powder to taste.
fyi: go light with your season hand. you can always add more but you can't take it away.
++ let simmer to create a sauce.
++ turn off heat. add cilantro.

++ on a bed of rice, plate mixture.
++ add avocado chunks.


and there you have it. my version of this pinterest meal. it's SO good. it's easy to make. and it feeds a lot of people with a few ingredients. i love meals like this, especially since i'm a mexican food junky. and my kids love everything in this meal. i encourage you to try it yourself! then come back and tell me all about it. :)

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