Sunday, June 30, 2013

beat the heat

it's. HOT. y'all.

i've lived in texas before, but never during the summer time. it's always been during the winter or spring time. when everyone told me i wasn't ready, i laughed in their faces. they didn't know how much i loved the sunshine. i've always preferred being hot over being cold. i'll take the sun any day.

but LORD oh LORD why didn't anyone really explain humidity to me?! not only is it over 100 degrees out there... {yep, you read that right. over one hundred degrees. yesterday was 107!!} but the humidity made it feel like it was 120 or something! i firmly believe humidity is the devil's work. not only is it hot as balls out there, but it affects EVERYTHING. my hair will be perfection inside the house, but as soon as i step outside it's poof-city! i'll start sweating in places i didn't even know had sweat glands. even the car's a/c doesn't like to function properly! i knew it was bad when i was sweating while sitting INSIDE of a well air conditioned building!

i don't wear shorts. i only actually own one pair of bermuda shorts from old navy. other than that, it's all jeans and leggings. so i've learned to beat the heat with dresses and skirts. it's funny...i don't have anywhere to go most days and here i am wearing a dress and feeling all girly around my house. i saw a meme the other day that said, "i'm not wearing this dress to look cute, i'm wearing it to stay cool"....or something along those lines. and it's SO. TRUE. i wear dresses because they FLOW. so nothing is hardly touching me in this disrespectful texas heat! 

tank: old navy
skirt: old navy
costume necklace: family friend
shoes: old navy

...i'm starting to see a trend.

also? notice this mini shoot is in my office. 
that's because it's too dang hot to be outside right now!

i hear july and august are the worst times to be in the south.
faaaaan - tastic.
can't wait.


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