Thursday, June 20, 2013

peace and quiet? nope.

one of the reasons why i loved this house, when initially scouting for a place to live here in texas, was how much space there was. two floors, four bedrooms...i was so sure i'd be able to have some peace and quiet. the guest room also doubles as my office so i was pretty excited to have my own space to work. and also? the kids would have a bedroom AND a playroom. so i could finally sleep alone in my bed and they'd have a place to play with their toys.

but let's get real.

these two follow me EVERYWHERE. i'll set them up with their favorite toys, juice, and whatever they want to watch on netflix. and thanks to the auto-play feature, it's supposed to buy me some free, quiet time.

yeaaaaaa it never fails. within minutes, these two realize i'm upstairs in my office {they call it mommy's room} and they come bursting in here. 

they tear up paper...take spare change and put it in my file cabinet...play this annoying demo song on my keyboard REALLY LOUDLY...color on the floors.... wrestle with jojo....bring their toys in here.....roll around on the floor....etc. you name it..they get into it.

i'm starting to wonder why i even have a space designated for their stuff. so currently? bella is sitting on my lap stealing my headphones to jam to jamie cullum's new record and austin is rolling on the ground complaining that "he can't sleep".

i'm tellin ya...being a toddler is rough.

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